New Paper by Altmaier and Rösler

German Green Member of Parliament Hans-Josef Fell has published a new position paper by German Environment Minister Altmaier and Economy Minister Rösler on his website. This is a common position of the present government on reducing the costs of the German feed-in tariff. They want to have legislation based on this enacted until August. This may be difficult for many of these proposals, since the government does not have a majority in the Bundesrat. But there are some proposals shared by the opposition as well.

I have already discussed in detail some of the proposals, when they were advanced by Minister Altmaier alone. But this is a good occasion to revisit this issue, and add some proposals of my own.

This post will mainly function as a pointer to individual posts discussing the new proposals one by one.

Here is only one general observation on this paper: It correctly distinguishes between measures that would reduce the costs for the feed-in tariff, and measures that would only change the distribution of that cost. They want to achieve 1.16 billion savings in the former area, and another 0.7 billion in changes of cost distribution.

Considering that the cost of the system is reported as around 16.6 billion in 2012, these proposals will have only a modest impact on cost. Even if all of them made it through the discussion with the opposition parties, they would lead to only about 7 percent of cost reduction, and another 4 percent of change in the cost distribution.

In other words, this is no big deal in terms of costs. That’s good, since in my minority view, there is no need in the first place to reduce energy costs. Doing so is counterproductive on a planet threatened by climate change, since higher energy prices lead to less consumption, and energy efficiency (LED light bulbs, anyone?) is an important part of the solution of the climate crisis.

Here is a list of the posts discussing individual proposals:

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