Solar at 11 Euro Cents in Germany

German Energy Blog helpfully informs about the newest developments in solar feed-in tariffs in Germany. Thanks to this tweet by Energywende Germany for the link.

Since 2012 has seen another record solar deployment, feed-in tariffs will be reduced by 2.2% for each of the months from February to April. As a result of these reductions, the feed-in tariffs for installations between one and 10 MW will hit 11.02 cents in April.

That of course means that solar can be built at a profit for half of that in all areas with double the solar resources of Germany, of which there are many available world wide. That would be 5.5 cents Euro or around 7.5 cents US.

I also hear that First Solar plans to sell solar electricity at 5.79 cents per kWh in New Mexico. If they can do so at a profit, solar may already be the cheapest form of generation at the best locations.

That would come in rather handy in dealing with that “global warming” problem. It was of course expected to happen in less than a decade (e.g. just about immediately when discussing energy systems). But it would be rather nice news to hear that we’re already there.

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