Great News: Chiyoda Will Survive 60 Meter Sea Level Rise

From this post at Climate Progress about 69 feet of sea level rise already in the pipeline from CO2 emissions until now I learned about a great interactive map at that lets you visualize the effect of various amounts of sea level rise.

I played around a bit, looking at what would happen to Tokyo. Here is the result for 60 meters:

As I learned from the exercise, contrary to my expectations, Tokyo would not completely disappear. A small spot at Chiyoda-ku would remain as an island.

That’s great news, since it means that the Imperial Palace would be safe even with 60 meters sea level rise. Of course it makes sense that past generations would have selected the most elevated place around for such a structure.

Maybe it is time to stop worrying so much about this “global warming” problem.

Update: I just noticed that “Chiyoda” literally means “field of a thousand generations”. That fits nicely with the fact that it will still be left after 30,000 years even if sea level rises dramatically.

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