Replace the Irresponsible CDU/FDP Government in Germany

I may have a vote in the upcoming elections in Germany this fall. This is not clear at the moment, since there are some issues on voting rights of Germans living abroad right now.

Anyway, I urge anyone to fight for getting rid of the irresponsible CDU/FDP ruling coalition, so as to stop further damage to the credibility of Germany.

The reason for this is a new position paper on renewable energy by Environment minister Peter Altmaier that needs discussion in a number of separate posts.

This post will restrict the discussion on the chance of these proposals becoming law (e.g. none), and how this will play out in the upcoming election.

As to the first point, I think there is not much of a chance of getting much of this particular proposal enacted as law. Fortunately the ruling coalition is lacking a majority in the Bundesrat (Federal Council). They only had 21 of 69 votes to begin with, and have lost 6 more in Lower Saxony since then.

SPD and Green Party have already rejected Altmaier’s paper, as well they should. Fortunately, that leaves him with just about zero chance to actually get it implemented.

So how will this play out in the election?

Of course, much of any such discussion will be pure speculation. But there are voices who think that Altmaier’s master plan is to fail with his proposals and then point to other parties as responsible for high electricity prices, so as to score some votes for the CDU.

If so, I certainly hope that this backfires.

For one, the paper manages to enrage just about everyone. It rubs industry the wrong way by attacking their surcharge reductions. It attacks people who already have solar panels on their roofs by calling for breaking the promises the law has made to them, reducing payments. It proposes introducing a new tax on self consumed energy. Proposing new taxes is never a popular position.

And even for those who have no own skin in the game (like me), it basically should be viewed as an attempt at derailing the growth of renewable energy in Germany. Reading that paper I conclude that the CDU/FDP coalition can’t be trusted on renewable energy issues and needs to be defeated decisively in the coming elections.


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