Yomiuri Pro-Nuclear Editorial Inventing Facts about Germany

An English translation of yet another anti-renewable propaganda pro-nuclear Yomiuri editorial was just posted. I am pleased, since I expect any such Fossil Nuke article at Yomiuri to contain multiple easily refuted errors, so I get something to write about.

For one, the most serious error is this:

In Germany, which introduced a similar system before Japan did, power charges for households have doubled as the cost of purchasing renewable energy swelled.

That is rather far away from reality. This is a nice occasion to republish a graph on the real development of energy costs in Germany, first blogged under the title “German Feed-in Tariff Costs Invisible Without Magnifying Glass”. Here it is:


The graph shows the energy cost of a three person average household from 2000 to 2012. The uppermost violet part are the surcharges, which have gone from one to ten EUR a month, and average electricity cost have gone from 44 to 75 EUR.

Of course the surcharge costs have risen in 2013 again, which will lead to another 1.70 EUR per household. Let’s call that 2 EUR for 12 EUR a month average. That would leave 77 EUR a month for the average household in 2013, which is of course not “double” of 44 EUR. And of course only a small part of the increase of 33 EUR a month is due to the surcharges. That would be 11 EUR in costs from surcharges, and not 44, as would be necessary to make the Yomiuri fantasy world statement true.

How can anybody working for a major newspaper and writing on its editorial page be so clueless about basic facts?

Of course, no respectable anti-renewable Fossil Nuke article could do without the two talking points of cost and reliability. This article writes:

Electricity produced through renewable energy sources is unstable because it depends on weather conditions, and it is expensive.

Both of these statements are of course wrong. I’ll skip an explanation in this post. I have discussed them in many posts on this blog. Let’s just choose two: “Cost of Solar 0.14% of GDP in Germany” and “The many ways the Unreliables Myth is wrong”.


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