Economist: Mongolia Fastest Growing Country 2013

Julian Dierkes just pointed on Twitter to this prediction of the ten fastest growing countries for 2013 at the Economist.

From the article:

The star performer will be Mongolia, followed by Macau. Both should give thanks to China (number four on the list): it is China’s demand for Mongolia’s minerals that is powering its economy; and it is Chinese gamblers who fill the casinos of Macau.

I recall that there are plans to open a casino at Zamyn-Uud, a town at the border to China which is actually closer to Beijing than Macau. If that happens, Mongolia could get a nice slice of the Chinese gambling service pie, which would lead to even more growth, a more balanced economy, and a new source for energy demand right in the Gobi desert, where it would be most welcome to absorb the supply from the first stages of a Gobi desert large scale renewable energy project.

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