BDEW Estimates on German Electricity Generation in 2012

BDEW, the association of German utilities has released estimates on German electricity generation data in 2012.

The big picture is that the share of renewable energy in the mix is rising, which is of course only to be expected with still massive growth of solar capacity installed.

BDEW says that renewable energy has now a share of 23%, which would mean around 136 TWh generated over the year, assuming with BDEW a 594 TWh electricity consumption. Solar is up the most, to 28.5 TWh from 19.3 last year. That’s close to ten times the record of only five years ago (3.1 TWh in 2007). And it is a 47% increase over last year.

Keeping up that furious pace of growth for another six years until 2018 would give another ten fold increase, to 285 TWh, which would be about half of German consumption.

I am not necessarily expecting that to happen, but it’s a nice thought and shows just how extraordinary growth of the German solar capacity still is.

136 TWh for all renewable electricity would be only a rather modest increase of about 10 percent over last year’s record of 123,5 TWh. That’s because wind is actually down, to 45 TWh from last year’s 48.9, while hydro is up to 20.5 TWh from 17.7, which cancels out the reduction of wind.

The BDEW notes also that they expect 23 TWh (up from 6 last year) of net exports over the year, and that electricity from gas is struggling to keep in the merit order.

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