LDP Policy Platform on Renewable Energy

Japan Times expects the LDP to come back to power in Sunday’s elections. They predict the LDP to win close to 300 of the 480 seats.

There are still many undecided voters. But clearly the LDP will have a big role to play.

So this is a good opportunity to look again at their published election platform and find out what they say about renewable energy there. Here it is, with my translation added.

198 再生可能エネルギー供給の引き上げ

198 Increasing the supply of renewable energy

風力、水力、太陽光、地熱(ヒートポンプ※など)、バイオ マス※などの再生可能エネルギーの供給を引き上げます。

We will increase the supply of renewable energy like wind, hydro, solar, geothermal (including heat pumps), biomass and others.

このため、①再生可能エネルギーの固定価格買取制度拡充、 ②様々なタイプの風力発電や小水力発電の開発・普及、③世 界一の太陽光発電技術の蓄積を活かした、公共施設や住宅 への太陽光パネルの設置促進及びメガソーラーの設置拡大、 ④電力系統の安定化の促進、⑤電気事業者による再生可能エネルギーの利用促進等に取り組みます。

To that end, we will:

1. Strengthen the feed-in tariff system for renewable energy.

2. Develop and deploy various kinds of wind power and small hydro power.

3. Draw on our world leading technology in solar photovoltaic and support deployment of solar panels on public buildings as well as private residences, and increase the deployment of megasolar projects.

4. Support efforts to stabilize the electricity grid.

5. Support efforts to increase the use of renewable energy sources by utilities.

さらに廃棄物等を有効活用するようなバイオマスエネルギー の拡大を図り、地熱発電所建設促進のために、自然環境・景観に十分に配慮しつつ国立公園内等に地熱発電所を設置可能とする等の規制緩和に取り組みます。

We will also work to increase biomass energy to make effective use of trash. To support the deployment of geothermal energy, we will reduce regulation in regard of permits for deploying geothermal in national parks, while preserving the interests of the natural environment and the landscape integrity.

このような再生可能エネルギー産業は雇用創出力が高く、わが国の機械組立産業等の裾野の広さを活かした、国際競 争力が期待できます。エネルギー安全保障の確保の観点を踏まえ、再生可能エネルギー産業を、新しい文明社会である低炭素社会のリーディング産業に育てます。

The impact of the renewable energy industry on employment is high. We will draw on our country’s broad industrial base to achieve international competetiveness. We will develop the renewable energy industry as the leading industry in the new civilization model of a low carbon society.

There’s nothing I don’t like in this platform. Anti-nuclear voices may be not thrilled by the prospect of a large LDP majority (I have translated their platform on nuclear energy here). But as far as renewable energy policy is concerned, I for one support all of the above.

They also support the long overdue move to get rid of monopolies, as documented here.

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