Solar Mosaic Crowdsourcing Site Live Now

I recall having learned about Solarmosaic from Danny Kennedy’s book “Rooftop Revolution” in September. At the time the site was not yet open for business, and in the process of getting the necessary green lights from market oversight authorities.

Now they are.

Their home page shows right now already close to $400.000 in funds invested. At this time only residents of the United States are qualified to take part. Maybe someone should set up something like this for Japan and for Germany as well.

Investors (currently 51) get a return on their investment of 6.38%. The site shows details for the first couple of projects they have financed, all of them already sold out. Right now there is no opportunity for anyone willing to get a piece of the action, but I expect they will add some more projects shortly.

They provide very detailed disclosure of their business model and the related risk in a “Offering Memorandum”. From that I learn that they are a young company with a very young CEO, which has still some way to go before breaking even.

I wish them the best of luck.

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