“Don’t Mess With Mongolians”

Another great article on Oyu Tolgoi at Seeking Alpha, by John Fessel. Thanks to this tweet by CoverMongolia for the link. Here is what he thinks will happen to resolve the recent efforts of the Mongolian government to damage their credibility:

In my opinion, at the end of the day – soon – there will likely be a Rio loan to the Mongolian government to tide them over until 2013 when they begin to receive royalties.

I recall that this is exactly what I thought might be an interesting compromise to get things going smoothly again.

As to the title of this post, Fessel also links to a 2011 Daily Mail article that says Genghis Khan cooled the planet by killing a sufficient number of people, bringing back forests where those people used to live. I had not heard of that theory before.

But killing a large number of people in some World War III would certainly be one way to bring down emissions very fast in the future, and it may well happen that way if humanity fails to put in the necessary effort for a more gentle landing.

I prefer a World War III with everybody on one side, and climate change as the enemy.


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