31.6 GW of Solar in Germany Only Part of All Installations

The Bundesnetzagentur publishes data on how much solar capacity was registered in the German feed-in tariff system, the last such publication giving a sum of 31.6 GW for end of October this year, with 25.5 GW of that coming from installations since 2009.

So most people, including me, assume that’s the amount of solar installed in Germany.

However, that is actually only what has been registered with Bundesnetzagentur, such registering being necessary to take part in the feed-in tariff system.

That excludes all installations that are built exclusively for the own use of the owner. As blogged recently, already 13% of German companies own solar capacity. Many of those systems are not in the feed-in tariff, since their supply is 100% for own use only. That means the Bundesnetzagentur won’t see those systems when compiling their data.

Does anyone know how much capacity those systems have, which would need to be added to the 31.6 GW in the feed-in tariff right now? I have searched a bit, but couldn’t find anything yet.

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