Obama Should Declare World War III

I recall that American president Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is a simple idea to actually deserve it (the original decision was probably a preemptive strike).

Go ahead and declare World War III, with all of humanity on one side, and global warming as the enemy.

The nice thing about this idea is that while the American Constitution clearly requires that Congress decides about such a move, in recent history it is standard practice to leave that decision to the president (e.g. ignore what the Constitution says).

Then use the substantial power of the American military machine to do something useful for a change. Deploy some solar panels.

The other nice thing about this is that war is good for the American economy, which is why the Americans are always starting all these pointless and illegal wars. So this move would also help to create American jobs and prosperity.

And if that World War III against climate change really takes off, maybe the Americans could even afford to stop looking for suitable weak countries to beat up for a couple of years.

Published by kflenz

Professor at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo. Author of Lenz Blog (since 2003, lenzblog.com).

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