Aeroscraft Game Changing New Airship Technology

I just found the revolutionary Aeroscraft airship technology over this link at Slashdot. Here is a video where Timothy Kenny from the company talks about the advantages their new system has over traditional airships and hybrid airships like the Zeppelin NT. They don’t need ground support or a runway, nor any external ballast, and can land or takeoff vertically.

And here is a video that shows how it is done.

They pump helium into a tank and replace it with air to make the vehicle heavier, and reverse the process to make it lighter. That’s what makes the above advantages over conventional technology possible.

One area of business they want to sell this to is the deployment of wind turbines into areas without an infrastructure. Getting larger scale wind turbines helps with the overall efficiency of a wind park. But with a 10 MW wind turbine, it becomes challenging to transport the parts to the site. Especially if that wind site happens to be somewhere right in the Gobi desert without railroad or even road access.

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