PV Prices Brought Down Successfully, Battery Prices Next in Line

German environmental minister Peter Altmaier just announced on Twitter that Germany will start a support scheme for PV battery systems from January 2013 on, consisting of getting cheap money for new rooftop installations over interest reductions.

Interesting. Once the feed-in tariff ceiling of 52 GW solar PV is reached in Germany in a couple of years, the market will move to installations for self-consumption, and they need batteries, which are still expensive because market volume is small.

That will change with this kind of policy.

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4 thoughts on “PV Prices Brought Down Successfully, Battery Prices Next in Line

  1. And how is that financed ? The trouble is that LiOn batteries need to be replaced quickly, the ones in cellular and PC barely live 2 years, electric cars have some with a better life-span but they’re more expensive. And even for those the battery pack is most of time rented because of worries it won’t last very long.

    Of course claiming that the battery market currently is small and will be changed by this scheme is just one big, huge nonsense :
    Global demand to rise 8.5% annually through 2016 World demand for primary and secondary batteries is forecast to rise 8.5 percent per year to $144 billion in 2016.

    More data here : http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/battery_statistics
    Cellular market only is one billion cells a year today.


  2. The market I refer to as “small” in the post is not the World market for batteries, but the German market for storage systems serving a rooftop solar installation.

    It will be of course remain to be seen if prices come down there as well. Stay tuned, that will become clear in a couple of years.


  3. Interestingly here’s two posts by a PV enthusiast who’s a physics professor at UCal about the fact that energy storage simply *is* hard :

    There will be progresses, but the physics says it won’t match gasoline as a power storage option, and there won’t a radical breakage of all what is known on the subject.

    I’m sorry, but a strategy that relies on a miraculous power storage enhancement bailout will not work.


  4. I am familiar with that blog (it is excellent), and the author describes on it that right now he is powering some of his own house with a self-built solar system, with batteries. 🙂

    And anyway, as Hans-Josef Fell remarked, storage is not a problem. It is a task.



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