Former Prime Minister Kan on TEPCO Tapes

TEPCO has released some more tapes of television conferences after the Fukushima accident, and former Prime Minister Kan just blogged about this. He recalls that he visited the site on March 12, and TEPCO headquarters on March 15, calling for more TEPCO personnel deployed to the site.

As I learned from that blog post, even he as Prime Minister did not have access to those tapes previously. That’s remarkable. He was in charge of the crisis, but he did not know what TEPCO was discussing internally. And if I read that blog post right, he only now learned from those tapes that TEPCO did not, in fact, increase the number of personnel on site.

This should have been turned into a major military operation on day one, with thousands of soldiers right at the site. Leaving things to the limited resources of TEPCO was not a valid strategy.

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