Nice Television Program on Solar Self-Consumption in Bavaria

This video (in German) shows interviews with several people who just built small rooftop solar with battery storage and now rarely need to buy any electricity from the grid, and another restaurant that hopes to shave a lot of its peak use with a solar installation that is only for self-consumption. Link found at here.

Even if that is still slightly more expensive than buying from the grid right now, there is the added bonus of being safer against grid failures, which is an important point for one of the people interviewed. That person runs a company and needs to make sure that his Internet servers are up 100 percent.

This market will be what people will do once the feed-in tariff runs out after hitting the 52 GW ceiling in a couple of years. The more that happens, the less new power lines are needed. All electricity that is generated exactly where it is consumed needs no power grid.

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