Dieter Helm Wrong: Renewables Will Make a Massive Difference

Dieter Helm just wrote in the Financial Times:

But a moment’s reflection yields the unfortunate conclusion that not only are current renewables making little difference to global warming but that they never could. Wind in particular is a low-density, intermittent energy source. Future renewables might well close the gap, but not the current forms of renewable energy.

In countering this claim, it is enough to point to the EU Roadmap 2050. I hear Helm is a “Special Advisor to the European Commissioner for Energy”.

So he should know that the Roadmap assumes 55% percent of energy coming from renewable energy in 2050 at the very least. I would call that making a big difference.

The fact that wind is intermittent and low-density is actually not relevant. You just build more capacity. No need to wait for any new wondrous technology to get developed.


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