EU-Japan FTA Negotiations to Start

The Council of the European Union just published a press release which says that today’s Foreign Affairs Council gave the Commission a negotiating mandate. The mandate extends to a Free Trade Agreement and also to a Framework Agreement. Both agreements will be negotiated in parallel.

From the press release:

The negotiating directives foresee a free trade agreement that would provide for the progressive and reciprocal liberalisation of trade in goods, services and investment, as well as rules on trade-related issues and the elimination of non-tariff barriers.

The negotiating directives for a framework agreement cover political, global and sectoral cooperation in a comprehensive manner.

The most urgent issue in need of global cooperation is of course climate, and one thing these negotiations should address is cooperation for making a Desertec Asia project happen quickly.

Related post: My book “Energy from the Mongolian Gobi desert”, where I develop a proposal of a “Desert Union” for these talks.

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