Bond. Genghis Bond.

Just found this tweet by Chairman of the Mongolian Parliament Zandaakhuu Enkhbold in my timeline:

Монгол улсын ЗГ-н анхны бонд (Чингис бонд) борлогджээ. 5 жил $500M нь 4.125%, 10 жил $1B нь 5.125% буюу Испани улсынхаас дээр бн.

I think this might be about market data for “Genghis Bonds” (Чингис бонд) that Mongolia has issued. 5 year bonds of  $500 million volume are at 4.125%, and ten year bonds at $1 billion volume at 5.125%, which compares favorably to Spain. (Don’t take my word for that translation, though).

That’s interesting because I wrote before about Mongolian bonds before, noting that these are rated “not-investment grade” (e.g. junk) and that S&P has lowered the rating in October because they don’t like the fact that Mongolian politicians fail to provide stability for the Oyu Tolgoi project.

But mainly I wrote this post because I liked the idea for the headline.

More on this bond issue from the WSJ here and here.

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