American Aviation Bill Signed by Obama

Guardian comments on the fact that Obama predictably signed the aviation bill that tries to “exempt American airlines” from the European emission trade system. Thanks to this tweet by Fresh Currents for the link.

First off, Guardian got that wrong, as well as the Americans. There is no way any act American legislation can “exempt” anyone from laws written in the European Union. You need a majority in the Council and the Parliament of the EU for that.

Next, while this would have been great news for the climate a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately the EU has backed down for the time and agreed to delay the sanction of a operating ban for the American airlines for a year to give the Americans a chance to solve the issue at the international forum of the Chicago convention.

It would have been much nicer if we could call all the American airlines “illegal operations” already, and have them completely banned from flying to Europe shortly. That would be much better for the climate, since planes on the ground emit no CO2, while planes flying do emit CO2 even if there is a very small price tag on it.

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