This article at the Moscow Times describes the “Russtec” idea, which seems to be inspired by Desertec. Thanks to this tweet by Kevin Meyerson for the link.

According to the article, this idea comes from the International Finance Organization, a World Bank branch. Basically, they want to develop the good wind resources of the Murmansk area, located conveniently to the West of northern Finland, which means they could probably use existing grid infrastructure to export electricity to Europe.

The area has better wind resources than German offshore projects, but the costs of onshore development.

Russia may introduce a support scheme for renewable energy, and they seem to be favoring a renewable portfolio standard. That is of course good news for onshore wind, since it is one of the cheapest options at the moment, and those get the most support out of a renewable portfolio standard.

This is still only an idea in the very early stages. Therefore, they may have a chance to reconsider their unfortunate choice of the “RUSTEC” brand. “Rust” is the last thing you want people to associate when talking about wind farm development. “RUSSTEC” would be slightly better, but they should really start from scratch and come up with something altogether different.

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