MASEN CEO Mustapha Bakkoury Interview on Desertec

MASEN is short for “Morrocan Agency for Solar Energy”, and it is in charge of implementing the national solar development plan. Mr. Bakkoury is the CEO of MASEN, and he has visited the recent conference in Berlin on Desertec.

The interview with him is in French, which is the official language of Morocco. I am able to mostly understand French, having spent a year in Geneva to learn the language thirty years ago. This is an advantage for Morocco as a location for the first stage projects, since many more Europeans speak French than speak Arabian.

He noted that it makes sense to produce solar energy where the sun shines, and that there is good progress in the cooperation between Morocco and European partners, since they started work in 2010.

He also said that solar energy needs cooperation. No country can do it on its own. That is of course especially true with a project like Desertec in Morocco, that has attracted many international public finance partners for the Ourzazate project.

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2 thoughts on “MASEN CEO Mustapha Bakkoury Interview on Desertec

  1. We have presented the most modern technology and Photovoltaic Project, including the construction of module factory and building up of Solar Parks of 500 MW potential, transferring technology, creating more than 10.000 jobs in Marrocos, financed by our investors, against the Souvenir Guarantee offerred by Marroquian Government by Law of the purchase of Energy, thus the only income for the Projetc. We are waiting now more than 2 years, without result. We visited Marrocco in 2012, and we have our local Representation, but MASEN did not even issue a single email in order to inform if our Project is or not of interest. Several attempt of meeting with Mr. Bakkoury did not make any effect. Please inform why ?


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