Oilprice.com Desertec Article

From a post at oilprice.com about Siemens and Bosch leaving Desertec:

Siemens and Bosch have both pulled out of the project in recent weeks, as have the Spanish government.

The Spanish government has withdrawn from signing an agreement to build solar power plants in Morocco, but remain a part of the overall venture.

This is not even consistent. Either the Spanish government has “pulled out”, or it remains a part of the overall venture.

You wouldn’t know from that article, but actually the financing for the Ourzazate project is proceeding smoothly, even without Spain. And while it is sad to see great companies like Siemens and Schott drop out of the future and cease to be relevant for one of the greatest projects of our time, there are certainly enough other vendors left to take a piece of that action.

As mentioned before, a company called SGCC is interested in joining. That would be ample compensation and then some for Siemens:

Very interesting news from Financial Times Germany. Thanks to this post at Photovoltaikforum by “PV-Berlin” for the link.

SGCC is the “State Grid Company of China”, and the largest utility of the world, according to Wikipedia. They have over 1.5 million employees and over $250 billion in revenue.

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