Greenpeace Renewable Energy Director Teske Interview on Desertec

This one is in German, so I will try to sum up in English.

For one, Greenpeace is not in the faction of renewable advocates that wants only decentralized and small scale projects. Teske said Greenpeace supports Desertec as well as offshore wind and thinks that a mix of about one third large scale and two thirds small scale renewable energy would be desirable. He noted that some large scale projects would seem to be necessary to power industry.

I agree with that assessment. And while I think that nuclear is not compatible with renewable deployment, I don’t think the same can be said for the relation of Desertec with small scale renewable energy. You can have both at the same time.

Teske did qualify the support for Desertec. The condition for that is that Desertec is not done instead of renewable in Germany, but complimentary to that.

When asked what Desertec should do next, he recommended building the power plants first and worry about the power lines to Europe later. That makes sense to me, and that is what Desertec is doing with the Ourzazate project. But on the other hand, the power lines will be not so expensive, so they could come early on, about 2025.

He then also brought up an interesting idea about strengthening the grid infrastructure. He noted that the Federal Republic of Germany owns all the ground next to the highways. If one were to build power lines there, one could do that much faster, with only one authorization procedure instead of 500.

Sounds good to me.

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