Chinese Grid Company SGCC Interested in Desertec

Very interesting news from Financial Times Germany. Thanks to this post at Photovoltaikforum by “PV-Berlin” for the link.

SGCC is the “State Grid Company of China”, and the largest utility of the world, according to Wikipedia. They have over 1.5 million employees and over $250 billion in revenue.

I also learned from that article that China is way ahead of Japan in structural reform of the electricity market. They have unbundled generation from grid ownership already ten years ago, leading to the formation of SGCC.

If SGCC joins the discussions on Desertec, that would be a big step forward for any project of energy from the Mongolian Gobi desert. Without China such a project will go nowhere, and without SGCC it will go nowhere in China.

There are no official press releases on this matter, Financial Times relies on unpublished information.

First Solar is already an associated partner of Desertec Industrial Initiative, and they think about upgrading their status to partner, also according to this Financial Times article.

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