Plans for Desertec International Agreement

Sueddeutsche Zeitung writes about the solar project in Morocco’s Ouarzazate. This will of course be one of the first Desertec plants.

It makes sense to start in Morocco. The political situation is more stable than in other Northern African countries. And there already is a power line to Spain. Nowhere is it easier to connect Africa and Europe than at Gibraltar.

The article says that the governments of Morocco, Spain, France, and Germany plan to unveil an international agreement on the financing of this project shortly.

That is interesting.

I recall that Japan is right now negotiating an FTA with the EU. The EU and Japan have always been at the forefront of the fight against climate change.

Why not have a similar international agreement between the EU, Mongolia, and Japan? Why should Softbank be left alone in coming up with $626 million for the first wind parks in the Gobi desert?

I recall having proposed this kind of international agreement in my book “Energy from the Gobi desert” in April this year.


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