German Solar Feed-in Tariff Down 2.5% Each Month

Bundesnetzagentur has published the official figures for new solar installations in September in Germany. They were at 0.98 GW, which adds up to 1.841 GW for the third quarter of this year.

That is equivalent to 7.397 GW a year, which means that under the breathing reduction system in place now feed-in tariffs will go down 2.5% each month for November, December, and January.

That will result in the following numbers:

Smallest installations (up to 10 KW): 17.90, 17.45 and 17.02 cents per kWh.

Medium size installations (between 10 and 40 kW): 16.98, 16.56 and 16.14 cents per kWh.

Large installations: (between 40 and 1000 kW): 15.15, 14.77 and 14.40 cents per kWh.

Very large installations (between 1 and 10 MW): 12.39, 12.08 and 11.78 cents per kWh.

So for the largest scale, the feed-in tariff will be around 12 cents in Germany. That means that in countries with twice Germany’s solar resources, solar can be produced at around 6 cents if installation costs can be reduced to German levels. It also means that the 40 yen (plus tax) the new feed-in tariff in Japan pays for large scale solar right now is about 3.3 times what the German system pays. This should lead to some serious installation numbers in Japan.

They have also published numbers on the installed base as of 30 September, which is just slightly above 31 GW, must of which (24.9 GW) was added from January 2009 on.

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3 thoughts on “German Solar Feed-in Tariff Down 2.5% Each Month

  1. But now that 31 GW of solar has been reached, how much wind is there ? It seems that wind installation is seriously slowing down, right ?

    I am a little bit skeptic about the result of kind of amount of solar will give next May, last 27 May was already about the limit of what the German grid was able to absorb. But we’ll see.


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