China Upgrading Low Carbon Target to 30% by 2015

The Washington Post reports about a new policy decision in China. Thanks to this tweet by Energiewende Germany for the link.

The target until now was getting 15% of electricity from renewable, plus another 5% from nuclear, by 2020.

That has been upgraded massively. The new target is 30% for renewable plus nuclear (right now at 1.8%), and not for 2020, but for 2015.

I wonder how much of that extra renewable capacity will come from solar power, now that the price has gone down so much and China has the largest production capacity world wide right at home, sitting on large overcapacity.

I also note that this probably means that there will be no shortage of demand for electricity from renewable sources generated in the Mongolian Gobi desert, right next to this new large market. Once those 30% are reached, I expect China to push forward even more aggressively. I assume they are smart enough to know of the costs of allowing global meltdown to proceed unchecked.


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2 thoughts on “China Upgrading Low Carbon Target to 30% by 2015

  1. Yes, actually doing something about the problem is much more important than promising to do something in an international treaty.

    Maybe my idea of getting a large chunk of China’s energy from the Mongolian desert will be unnecessary because the Chinese get to 100% renewable from their own territory first.

    I would be happy about that.


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