Three Cheers for IKEA

Business Green reports on plans by IKEA to improve their already impressive record on sustainability. Thanks to this tweet by Zvyozdochka for the link.

Right now they own and operate 342,000 solar panels at stores and other buildings. But they want to invest another 1.5 billion euro until 2015. Even that considerable sum will only bring them to getting 70 percent of their energy demand from their renewable installations.

The plan is to get to 100 percent until 2020.

And IKEA sees this as an investment that makes sense from a pure business point of view. For one, they get to lock in their energy cost for the next couple of decades, while less alert competitors will see their electricity bills go up as fossil fuel becomes more expensive.

And they think that their solar panels pay for themselves in ten years. They expect to be able to operate them for at least twenty.

All that is before counting the substantial good will this kind of policy will generate with their 70 million customers.

Three cheers for IKEA.

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