Alexander Neubacher’s Fringe Minority Loser Position

I have read some of the articles of SPIEGEL journalist Alexander Neubacher on energy issues. I already had the impression that he is strongly opposed to renewable energy, and even stronger to solar.

Since he unfortunately has a big platform at SPIEGEL, he is probably the most important anti-renewable propaganda cheerleader in Germany.

Now I just watched him in a television discussion round with several other journalists. My impression on his positions was confirmed.

Of course he was trying to make hay of the recent decision to increase the surcharges, pretending to be worried about poor people’s ability to pay for them, just as anyone else in the anti-renewable propaganda brigade.

The nice thing about his position is that it is a fringe minority loser position in Germany. People outside of the country who read him on his SPIEGEL platform would be well advised to take note of that fact.

Neubacher himself said at one point in the discussion (around 12:35 in the recording) that all political parties agree on being opposed to his position. He complained that the opposition (the Social Democrats and the Greens) are not doing their job because they agree with the governing coalition on that point and refuse to agree with his opposition to the Law on Priority for Renewable Energy, the EEG.

There is a super great coalition between all parties that tries to give ever more sweet deals to owners of renewable energy installations, and squeezing rate payers for that, in Neubacher’s opinion. He is the lone voice of reason.

It is difficult to imagine a more clueless remark on German energy policy.

The only party agreeing with his ideas is the FDP, which is in the government right now. They were opposed to the EEG in the first place, when it was enacted.

In contrast, the governing coalition at the time was of Social Democrats and Greens. Expecting them to share his radical fringe minority loser views and complaining about their not opposing the ruling coalition is rather divorced from reality.

Then again, Alexander Neubacher actually thinks his only ally, the FDP (which will hopefully finally be booted out of the German Parliament come next year), is a friend of the solar industry in Germany. So it makes some amount of sense that he complains about the Greens not having seen the light on opposing renewable energy.

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