Paul Gipe: Coal Use in Germany Falling

I have been writing about coal use for electricity generation in Germany. It is largely unchanged since 2007.

Now Paul Gipe also writes to debunk false ideas floating around. I recommend reading his excellent post on the issue.

As he notes, in the long run (since 1990), coal use actually has gone down from a share of 56.7% in 1990 to 43.6% in 2011. That is a 13.1 percent decrease, which is about 23% of the original 57.7% share.

When looking at these long-term numbers, it is of interest to recall that actually CO2 emissions in Germany have been down 24.8% compared to 1990, the best record of any EU 15 Member States that have obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. The decrease in coal use for electricity is about in the same ballpark area.


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