Great Resource on German Electricity Production from Fraunhofer

Energiewende Germany just pointed with this Tweet to the best resource I have yet seen on electricity generation in Germany, published by Fraunhofer.

It shows in a very detailed way exactly what has happened this year.

For a test run in using this data set, let’s check what happened to coal generation in 2012. I recall having some people assert that it is going up.

From the graphs on monthly detailed electricity production we find that until August 68.8 TWh were generated from coal, or 8.6 per month. Multiply that by 12 to get 103.2 if this average holds true for the whole year, which would be less than every year since 2007.

We’ll see what happens once 2012 is over. Fraunhofer says that this will be updated regularly.

Anyway, that’s another great source of data to fact check anyone who makes assertions about Germany’s electricity sector without mentioning where they got their data from.

Update October 2: The latest version of October 1 is up, and it includes figures for September. Coal has added another 8.2 for a total of 77 TWh from January to September.

The report now also has an overview of the first half year of 2012. Coal actually has added 9% over 2011, or about 5 TWh (less than 1% of total production in 2011, which was at 612.1 TWh). Meanwhile, solar has grown by 47%, wind by 21.3%, and hydro because of favorable weather conditions by 38.7%. And gas is down by 15.2% because less of it is needed with more renewable in the mix.

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2 thoughts on “Great Resource on German Electricity Production from Fraunhofer

  1. KL, it would be interesting to see what has happened to German GDP during this period also.

    Would you think the German agencies keep track of;

    Carbon Intensity to GDP

    Carbon Intensity per person

    Gross CO2 emissions ?

    All three falling would be heading in the right direction.


  2. I don’t have these numbers ready right now, but I do know that Germany has taken the top spot in world exports this year again, and that Germany just ratified the ESM Treaty, where it is supposed to shell out up to 190 billion euros of taxpayer money for less fortunate Member States off the Eurozone.

    I agree that, indeed, these numbers are necessary, and they are found at CO2scorecard, but rather old ones.

    I will see if I can find more up to date numbers on these.


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