First Numbers for Renewable Under New Japan FIT

Nikkei reports some numbers on how much renewable energy was installed in the first two months of the new Japanese feed-in tariff system. Thanks to this tweet by Keiichiro Sakurai for the link.

Here they are.

Residential solar 306 Megawatt.

Large scale solar 725 Megawatt.

Wind 262 Megawatt.

All others: Close to zero.

That’s about 1.3 GW in two months, a rather modest record considering the extremely high tariffs the system starts out with.

But it is still much more than the government expected. Nikkei says expectations were at 2.5 GW for the fiscal year (the nine months from July 2012 to March 2013). More than half of that has been installed already in the two first months, so one would expect that the estimate of 2.5 GW will be far too low.

I recall having predicted that “there is no way to avoid a boom” when the system started. The first actual numbers look like I might have been right.

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