Cause of Global Warming Revealed by Revkin

I have always wondered how humanity could be at the same time both so clever to develop modern civilization in the first place and so extremely stupid to burn all the fossil fuel and cause global warming.

Now Andrew Revkin at the New York Times reveals that it hasn’t been burning fossil fuel after all. Actually, the culprits are some Swiss citizens living in a remote mountain village.

They have been praying since 1818 for the Aletsch glacier to retreat. And God has listened to them.

Now that the glacier is disappearing rapidly, they have decided to change directions and pray for the glacier to grow again instead.

On the other hand, I am not sure if this explanation actually is true. It requires to assume that God listens to these prayers.

My theory is that the evil alien hypnotist Khalmorot has made humanity burn all the fossil fuel, since he wants humanity destroyed to entertain the billions of viewers of his television show, the Heat Games.

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