James Conca Misinformed _and_ Just Plain Lazy

Last week I blogged about one of the most blatant collections of clearly false anti-renewable propaganda concerning German energy policy I had seen in a long time, authored by one James Conca and somehow published under the Forbes brand.

Now Craig Morris, who actually knows what he’s talking about when discussing Germany, has kindly taken the time to debunk most of the nonsense Conca has been spreading. Thanks to this Tweet by Joshua G. Davidson for the link.

Morris closes his article with this, alluding to Conca’s “insane or just plain stupid” title:

So the question is not whether Germany is “insane or just plain stupid,” but whether Forbes is “misinformed or just plain lazy.”

My bet is on both.

And Morris didn’t even mention that Conca thought the Green Party was in the government coalition…

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