Brüderle FDP Anti-renewable Proposals

Spiegel Online (with Alexander Neubacher byline) reports on a new FDP paper prepared by former Economic Minister and present Bundestag FDP group leader Rainer Brüderle.

Reading about that does not give me much new information. I was already convinced that the FDP needs to be booted out of the German Bundestag at the next occasion in 2013 for their anti-renewable politics.

However, this paper does float two new ideas. One is a “moratorium” on new solar and wind. The article does not say if that is supposed to be mean adding no new generators to the feed-in system for the time of the “moratorium” or if they want to prohibit new solar and wind altogether.

The other idea was having owners of solar and wind pay for the necessary new power lines by slapping some new tax on them.

For the record. both of these ideas deserve to be rejected firmly. There is nothing wrong with getting progress with the renewable targets faster than originally planned.

Update: Craig Morris at RenewablesInternational also writes about this development.

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