Zhengrong Shi on Solar and Cars

Zhengrong Shi, who has resigned as CEO of Suntech recently, has written a blog post on the Suntech blog about the move.

I want to highlight one passage:

Over the last several months, global oversupply conditions for cell and module manufacturers have driven a number of high-profile bankruptcies, and manufacturers are struggling to maintain profitability. Do not despair. This is a necessary rite-of-passage for our maturing industry, and one that we’ve seen in dozens of other global industries like consumer electronics and automobiles. In 1915, for example, there were about 350 U.S. manufacturers of automobiles that produced less than 1,000,000 automobiles per year. By 1975, there were only about a dozen U.S. manufacturers, but they produced about 10,000,000 automobiles per year. I believe the same thing will happen in solar. By 2030, there will be fewer than a dozen significant PV manufacturers, and by then we’ll be talking about terawatts instead of gigawatts.

There is a nice graph for the numbers of car producers and cars produced at the original blog post.

And yes, with solar rapidly becoming the cheapest option, we might be talking about terawatts in 2030. I certainly hope so.

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