Book review: Deep Water by Daniel Grossman

I just read the Kindle Single “Deep Water” by Daniel Grossman, published on August 2.

The author discusses sea level rise. He takes the reader on several trips describing scientists at their field work. And he discusses some results of scientists working in the field.

One theory I had not heard of yet says that the whole Western Antarctic sheet could disintegrate in only one week.

But Grossman reports several different stories. While I knew before reading this that eventually all the ice sheets will melt and sea levels will rise massively, the important question is how fast that will happen.

And this book doesn’t provide an unique answer to this question. It only describes some theories floating around.

But I think it is interesting to know that change could happen very rapidly, as in one week. Of course, all that ice won’t melt so fast. But it could become destabilized and flow out into the ocean in a “surge event”.

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